Business Incubator

  • The Business Incubator is a temporary reception infrastructure designed to locate companies in their first steps with the following objectives:
    1. Help with the birth, start-up and consolidation of new companies.
    2. Help the generation of employement.
    3. Dynamise the local business fabric, orienting it towards improving its competitiveness, efficiency and profitability factors.
    4. Create an ideal environment in terms of price and services that allows business initiatives to develop their Business Plan so that, with a limited time of stay (maximum 2 years), they are in a position to compete and act under market conditions

    When selecting the projects, the viability of the business initiative, the number of jobs forseen, the financial and material means, the training of the applicants will be taken into account, especially, proof of having completed qualification for self-employment / creation of companies through the Chamber of Zamora-Incyde Foundation. The innovative, technological and development nature of the project will also be taken into account, as well as the fact that the applications come from groups with special difficulties of insertion into the labor market (young people under 30 years of age, women, seniors over 45 years of age and those unemployed from long duration).

    This project is financed seventy percent by the European Union through the ERDF and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

    Any entrepreneur from the province who wishes to locate in the Business Incubator that the Chamber of Commerce of Zamora provides, on Avda. Feria 10 in Zamora, may submit their application at the offices of the Chamber. The application deadline is permanently open until the number of available spaces is fulfilled.