TRANSCOLAB PLUS (Cross-border Collaboration Laboratory for Sustainability and Innovation in the Agri-food and Agro-industrial Sector) is the continuation of the successful TransCoLab project. TransCoLab Plus falls within the 3rd call of the POCTEP 21-27 programme. The first TransCoLab project identified the needs of the cereal sector and the existing scientific and technological competences in the participating regions. As a follow-up, TransCoLab Plus project aims to seek solutions against the significant food waste generated in the cereal processing industries through the development of new by-products and new utilization processes.

To meet this objective, the strengthened and dynamization of the already existing cross-border network is needed. It will result in the generation of new knowledge and development of innovative techniques based on sustainable practices. All of this, in turn, pursues having a positive impact in the economic sector and the population in the cooperation area.

For this purpose, the project comprises several actions with the following objectives

  • Develop and enhance research and innovation competences throughout the identification and valorisation of new by-products and new utilization processes.
  • Improve the capacities of researches and professionals in the sector through researcher training, researcher mobility and internships as well as a training plan for the workers in the businesses of the sector.
  • Generate R&D through the development of new products or processes and the identification of good practices.
  • Promote and share the project´s results, as well as the analysis of the environmental impact of the new products or processes. The promotion and dissemination of the results is planned to be made through demolabs, training sessions and the formulation of sustainability plans.

Project code | 0112_TRANSCOLAB_PLUS_2_P

Programme | POCTEP – Cross-Border Cooperation Spain-Portugal

Priority | Harness the potential of cooperation to consolidate the innovation, scientific, and technological ecosystem. Foster the creation of knowledge and business networks, promote digitalization, and improve business competitiveness, especially for SMEs and micro-SMEs.

Specific objective | Developing and improving research and innovation capacities, and assimilating advanced technologies, are essential for progress.

Political objective | A more competitive and smarter Europe by promoting innovative and smart economic transformation and regional ICT connectivity.

Region | Northern Portugal – Castile and Leon

Starting date | 15/12/2022

Completion date | 31/12/2026

Budget | 1.739.902,19 euros

Budget funded by ERDF | 1.304.926,64 euros

Partnership |

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