AgroHub is a cross-border cooperation project between the Northern Portugal and Castile and Leon (ES). The objective of this project is to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem linked to local agricultural production, with the aim of optimizing the use of endogenous resources in the cooperation area. This European project falls within the 3rd call of the POCTEP 2021-2027 programme.

In the territory involved in the cooperation, the food sector is a key area in the productive structure, serving as a hallmark of the regions. However, this sector, mainly composed by micro-SMEs and SMEs, currently faces the challenge of coping with a globalized economy. Therefore, the project aims to create an AgroHub Community, encouraging the participation of all stakeholders in innovation (producers and companies; public administrations; civil society; and universities). This approach allows all actors to collaborate in enhancing the competitiveness of agri-food sector products, generating value for society as a whole.

For this purpose, the project comprises several actions with the following objectives:

  • Identify and categorise the existing traditional agricultural systems to discover their challenges, problems and needs.
  • Strengthen the entrepreneurship system by training entrepreneurs and other actors involved in the entrepreneurial process.
  • Strengthen relations among stakeholders operating in the primary sector by developing an open social innovation strategy.  
  • Ensure positive outcomes from this strategy as well as the involvement of the highest number of actors possible.
  • Promote and share the project´s results both internally and externally.

Project code | 0117_AGROHUB_HUB_2_E_V2

Programme | POCTEP – Cross-Border Cooperation Spain-Portugal

Priority | (P2) Promote cooperation to maximize the use of the territory’s endogenous resources, advance key initiatives, and make progress in smart specialization.

Specific objective | Capacity building for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship.

Political objective | A more competitive and smarter Europe by promoting innovative and smart economic transformation and regional ICT connectivity.

Region | Northern Portugal – Castile and Leon

Starting date | 01/09/2022

Completion date | 31/12/2026

Budget | 1.331.819,31 euros

Budget funded by ERDF | 998.864,482 euros

Partnership (beneficiary) |

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