Training Plans and Programs for Entrepreneurs

The Chamber develops specific programs of attention to the entrepreneur in collaboration with other institutions and directed, in some cases, to specific groups. These programs range from training seminars and workshops to help carry out viability plans, to mentoring and accompaniment by experts who collaborate with their experience with new entrepreneurs.

Business Support for Women (PAEM)
The Business Support Program for Women (PAEM) aims to sensitize women towards self-employment and business activity, and to be an effective instrument for the creation and consolidation of companies led by them. It has the financial support of the European Social Fund and the Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. It is a program aimed at women: With entrepreneurial ambitions With an idea or a business project With a modernization or expansion plan And designed to support the initiatives of women with entrepreneurial ambitions, in any phase of their project, both in the beginning of the business idea and in their ongoing commitment and consolidation. Program website:
Rural Entrepreneurship and Consolidation Program

1. “Design your Plan” Program We help you launch your own business project in rural areas, making the necessary resources available to you so that you can carry out your Business Plan. Aimed at: Entrepreneurs with projects that are in their initial phases. DOWNLOAD HERE the Design Your Plan 2 service sheet. Consolidation Program Promote and encourage the growth and consolidation of recently created companies, offering alternatives to improve their competitiveness and the growth of their business. Aimed at: Companies that have been in business for 7 or less years. 3. SME Strategy with high Growth Potential Support your company in carrying out a rapid growth process in expanding markets. This process is supported by the activation of growth levers to articulate its expansion and capitalize business opportunities in new and larger markets. An expert team in business growth processes will support participants in identifying growth levers and removing limiting factors for scaling, as well as defining plans for structuring and accelerated growth. Aimed at: Consolidated innovative SMEs or in the consolidation phase, with the firm determination to accelerate and structure their corporate growth, both geographically and sectorally. The services of these programs will be offered FREE OF CHARGE. The actions are financed by the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness (I.C.E.).

España Emprende Program

España-Emprende has been designed to support the entrepreneur in all the phases that make up the life of the company: gestation of the business idea, creation and processing of the company, consolidation and, finally, the transfer or termination.

Throughout these stages, the program has developed a set of both face-to-face and online activities, which will be carried out by the entrepreneurial support services of the chamber network and of the Chamber of Spain itself.

The Spain Emprende Plan contemplates a set of activities offered through face-to-face and online channels, which will be carried out by the entrepreneurial support services of the chamber network as well as the Chamber of Spain, covering the following areas:

Awareness, dissemination and information activities on the entrepreneurship process in any of its development phases.
Training to train entrepreneurs and businessmen to face any of the stages of the business cycle.
Personalized guidance adapted to the peculiarities of the specific entrepreneurial initiative.
It helps with the processing to legally formalize the transit through each of the phases of the life cycle of the company.
Monitoring, which includes support and accompaniment activities in the evolution of business initiatives with the aim of helping to increase their chances of survival and competitiveness over time.
Aimed at: Natural or legal persons who wish to start their business or companies already created that need advice.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Promotion Program

The Program for the Promotion of the Entrepreneurial Spirit seeks to increase awareness and guidance of young people in self-employment and business creation.

The basic objective of the Program is to promote the development of personal qualities related to the entrepreneurial spirit, such as creativity, initiative, risk-taking and responsibility.

The specific objectives are:

Provide early knowledge of the business world and help to understand the role of the business community in the community.
Raise awareness about self-employment as a possible career option.
Contribute to an open perception of the economy, in a context of growing market openness and technological expansion that drives that openness.

Aimed at: Among the actions developed within the framework of this program, it mainly consists of various workshops on entrepreneurship for students of secondary education, high school and vocational training in the province of Zamora.

Through various recreational-training activities, it is intended that, in addition to promoting their creativity and innovation, they access the keys to starting a business activity as a means of access to the labor market.

If you are an educational center and you want us to organize this activity for the students of the center, please contact us by phone 980533182 or write to us at

Comprehensive Program for Qualification and Youth Employment (PICE)

The Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Program (PICE), launched by the Chambers of Commerce, is part of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, and is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

It is a free program aimed at the entire group of young people who are recipients of the Youth Guarantee that offers them a set of direct actions (guidance, training and support) adapted to their abilities and the real needs of companies, with the aim that integrate into the labor market, either through hiring or self-employment.

The Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Program consists of two plans: Training Plan and Mobility Plan. Program available until December 31, 2018.

 Who is it for?

Young people over 16 and under 30 years of age, who are unemployed or inactive and who are registered in the National Youth Guarantee System, encompassing young people who have abandoned their studies and lack qualifications and / or experience to young people with university degrees who may or may not have had the opportunity to obtain work experience.

 What is the Training Plan?

It is an individualized training itinerary in which we offer you:

Initial Attention and Enrollment in Youth Guarantee and / or PICE.
Vocational Guidance, which helps us to know the necessary skills for professional development, taking into account the interests and abilities of the young person.
Trunk Formation. Independent of the work experience and previous studies of the young person, training is offered in the most basic competences (technology, languages ​​and skills) that help young people to function in the business world.
Specific Training in the Workplace. Young people are grouped together and trained specifically for the performance of jobs demanded by companies.
Labor Intermediation Actions. Phase in which we connect the young person directly with the company.
Labor Insertion Actions, where the young person can be hired by a company or if they decide to undertake, they are offered support in the constitution, management and maintenance of the company, and financial support to start their business.

 Come to your Chamber!

Whether you want to enroll in the National Youth Guarantee System or, you already are, and you want to sign up for the PICE program, or you simply want to expand this information, you can stop by the Chamber offices at C / Pelayo, nº 6, Zamora .

If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone 980 533 182 or write to us at

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